ISBN 978-0-6482588-1-0

‘Different subjects appear in different windows, waves of light pass through each window uniquely and only once per instant of time. Different impressions in light pass through or reflect off the surface of each windows. There are different expressions on people’s faces, different gestures or reactions to the fact that they are being photographed, if they are in fact aware that they are being photographed, and different aspects of their awareness. Some subjects appear to be consciously turning away from the camera, others appear completely unaware of the camera’s presence, others stare back through the graffitied windows, and others still into the black void of the lens. All subjects whether conscious of it or not, whether consenting or not are providing an impression composed in reflected light, of being, in that instant.’ Greg Defteros



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Published by M.33, Melbourne, 2019
Edition of 50
Photographs and design by Yanni Florence
119 B&W photographs
120 pages
30 x 20 cm
Hard cover (clear perspex)