ISBN: 978-0-6484899-9-3

‘A Story’ plays with the intimate and voyeuristic looking of social media within the pages of a photobook. The artist made an Instagram story every night for a year. The stories were made up of images she had taken on her phone and screen grabs from pictures found on the internet. Search terms such as ‘wet bodies’, ‘big eyes’ or ‘woman sweeping’ provided a starting point for directing the day’s story. The pictures are suggestive, showing bits and pieces of the body; bodies pushing together, touching, eyes looking, hands holding, grabbing, tongues kissing, and necks. There are words and numbers too. Some from books and the screen, others tattooed on the artist’s body. ‘A Story’ will appeal to those who like to look in a slowed-down zoomed-in way to details, words and things. It will also interest those who don’t always want to know what the story means and how it ends.


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Published by M.33, Melbourne, 2021
94 pp
210 x 148 mm
Swiss Bound
Special edition of 50 signed
Australia & New Zealand Photobook Award Edition
$50 (& gst in Australia)

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