DAVID WADELTON ISBN 978-0-6484899-1-7 ‘Suburban Baroque’ brings together a selection of David Wadelton’s photographs of the vanishing mid-century suburban interiors of the formerly working-class northern areas that were the destination of choice for many post-war immigrants from Europe. The once-ubiquitous terrazzo, balustrades, marble columns and lions and other manifestations of pride and nostalgia for their homelands have become increasingly rare as the years pass, generations change, and gentrification takes place. The rooms are redolent of a different era and imbued with pathos, as most were the pride and joy of…. → More details


Jane Burton ISBN: 978-0-9871670-2-6 Jane Burton’s Other Stories is a collection of photographs that are intended to be experienced as a series of loose associations rather than determined narratives. Structured with five chapters like a fairy-tale collection, each series is toned in a different colour – reminiscent of old photographic processes and hand-colouring techniques. The atmosphere common to all the stories is cinematic and dreamlike. Saturated with colour (peach-sepia, red, viridian green, lavender, and blue), each has its own emotional pitch and temperature; the ‘story’ is non-linear, non-literal, falling instead…. → More details



PETER MALONEY ISBN: 978-0-6484899-8-6 ‘Fugitive Text’ draws together photographic diptychs and triptychs made since the mid-1990s in response to the artist’s experience of love, desire and loss through the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It incorporates photographs taken in-camera as well as images drawn from a variety of sources, including vintage photographs found in flea markets and images re-photographed from pornography and popular culture. The images draw on Peter Maloney’s experience of the HIV/AIDS pandemic (as an HIV-positive person who lost much of their social group during the 1980s and early 1990s) and…. → More details