Still from Your call is important to us, Helen Frajman, 2004 (video)

New Work from M.33: Helen Frajman, Tania Jovanovic, Christopher Köller, Peter Milne and Matthew Sleeth

Curated by Helen Frajman.

The Bottom Line is a group exhibition which through video and photography examines fundamental values in a time when the Bottom Line rules.
The work ranges from the subtly philosophical as in Matthew Sleeth’s meditative The Big Picture, to the joyously pleasurable in the sensuous colour images of Tania Jovanovics Below the Waist which focus on music, dance, emotion and the body.
Peter Milne recreates key fragments from the life of an imaginary media magnate in The Reptile while Christopher Köller confronts his mortality, fear and loneliness in an evocative series based on recollections of a childhood illness,
A Spot of Bother.
Finally – curator Helen Frajman presents a video piece, Your call is important to us, which deals with a curious contemporary paradox. While we live in a time when we feel insignificant and helpless, a time of increasing electronic surveillance and invasion, we are more than willing to perform our private lives in public via the mobile phone.

45 Flinders Lane Melbourne
March 30, 2004 – April 10, 2004
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11.00 to 5.00
Saturday – 11.00 to 4.00

To be Opened on Tuesday March 30, 5 to 7pm by Daniel Palmer, Curator of Projects at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne and lecturer in the School of Art History at the University of Melbourne.