Untitled from ASPIC, 2001

ASPIC consists of a series of images taken in an up-market nursing home and presented as small lightboxes in a darkened room. Despite the opulence and beauty on display, despite the grandeur and luxury, a sterile uneasy silence pervades the work. There is no evidence of these facilties being used, no sign indeed of any human habitation. All is not as it would seem – objects that should be inviting resonate with menace and a hint of melancholy. Seductive yet desolate, frozen in a perpetual present, these views from a sumptuous waiting room to the after-life, play with photography’s own intrinsic nature.

Helen Macpherson Smith Project Space
CCP – Centre for Contemporary Photography
205 Johnston Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
12th April – 4th May 2002
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 11-5

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